About GoLo GolfPerformance
Pioneering a new era through golf-specific physical training, GoLo Golf is enabling golfers to perform at peak levels, maintain a competitive edge among their golf peers and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
  • Helping golfers of all ages and skill levels reach their goals and maintain their competitive edge through physical training
  • Simple, effective, results-driven system
  • Combines William Breland's over 30 years experience in Sports Physical Therapy with his tournament experience and lessons learned from top PGA Teaching Pros

The GoLo GolfPerformance System continues to gain recognition around the world because it produces RESULTS! By uniquely identifying swing adjustments caused by physical factors and subsequently creating the most effective golf-specidic physical training program, golfers are driving for more distance, connecting with more consistency and lowering their scores. We are the exclusive provider of the GoLo GolfBody Screen, a one-of-a kind 40-point "swing screen" assessment, developed by physical therapist and golf professional William Breland.

The GoLo GolfPerformance System:

  • Identifies swing compensations caused by physical factors
  • Reveals the factors causing the swing alterations
  • Culminates in the creation of a customized program of corrective and performance enhancing exercises, drills and patterns of movement.
  • Compliance to the program results in a more efficient, consistent and power-producing swing.
Additional benefits:
  • Allows you to successfully implement swing techniques learned from your PGA instructor
  • Minimizes the impact of existing medical musculoskeletal issues
  • Improves the possibility of pain-free golf