Jr. TourPlayers Nation
One-Time Fee: $49.95
This single one-time membership fee gives you GoLo privileges throughout your entire JR Career.

Congratulations! You are about to become an official member of the exclusive GoLo JR TourPlayers Nation made up of junior golfers from all over the world. Just complete the membership "scorecard" and you're in. (The JR TourPlayers Nation membership fee of $49.95 is a one-time fee which gives you membership privileges throughout your entire JR Career).

As a member of JR TourPlayers Nation you'll receive the GOLO player's bag which includes your specially logo'd golf cap, a JR TourPlayers Nation bag tag, a GOLO elastic exercise band with instructions to get you started developing your GolfBody and the exclusive GOLO wrist band and the "secret" behind its powerful meaning.

Prepare to improve your game as a member of GOLO'S JR TPN and our "Competitive Edge" Training Program designed special for you.

Membership benefits include:

  • Monthly tips from leading PGA golf instructors
  • Qualify to win a weekend in Dallas at the new Jim McLean Golf Academy for two days of golf, your personal physical assessment, exercise in the new "Competitive Edge" Golf Fitness Center, 3-D Biomechanical Analysis, and expert golf instruction.
  • Special TourPlayer rates for golf specific physical training by Master Golf Performance Specialists throughout the United States.
  • Free evaluation of physical injuries by expert Physical Therapists around the country.
  • Online consultation with William Breland- the only Touring Professional & Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy in the world.
  • Free GolfBody Screen at GOLO GOLF's National Headquarters and a special rate for your personal GolfPhysical that includes a screen of your full swing, chipping and putting, a comprehensive Musculoskeletal Evaluation and creation of your GolfProfile. Culminating in your very own golf specific GolfXercise and Performance Training Program.
  • Discounts on all GOLO products.
  • This is just the beginning... Keep up the pace as The Nation grows.